Our Sewing Room

448 Main Street, Springfield, OR  97477



Our Sewing Room is a gathering place for friends; a group space for any needlework or crafting group.  You may bring in any existing group, or start a new group at Our Sewing Room.  Individuals are welcome to come and sew, especially if you need more room than you have at home, or you just want to get out and meet other craft-minded people.

You can:                                               Our Sewing Work Areas have:

Knit                                                 ・Sewing Tables

Crochet                                           ・Cutting Tables

Sew                                                  ・Pressing Areas

Bead                                                 ・Sewing Machines, Sergers,

Take Classes                                      and Overlock Machines for rent                      

Work on your own Projects            ・or Bring your own machine



Wednesday Thru Saturday

10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.